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Descals-Vidal Procuradores it is an office with a consolidated experience in the area of He her Tries - it is born in the year 1997 in Xàtiva's administrative area - who is betting strongly for the new technologies with the intention of collaborating more effectively with the Justice in a clear and direct bet in offering a major delivery, dedication and activation of our profession, implanting an advanced and easy IT system that it allows to laEvery professional order of a client is a great responsibility for this office, which will carry out all the actions necessary for his total fulfillment. We practise he tries it with this orientation and with the spirit of meeting rewarded with his confidence.


Dª MARÍA TATIANA DESCALS VIDAL: Holder of the office. Licensed in Law for the University of Valencia (1994). Become a member of association n º 450 of the Attorneys' Illustrious College of Valencia.

María Tatiana Descals Vidal - PLAÇA LA BASSA, 15 – DESPACHO 2A - 46800 Xátiva (Valencia) - Aptdo. Correos 292

Tlf.: 962 283 849 Fax: 962 283 849 E-mail: